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"I was not quite balanced, I was not 'Zen'. I found that I was doing too much for others and little for myself. My creativity both in my work and private life was too little discussed. I was continuously overstressed, I was often racing and was stuck in life too seriously. I wanted more space for reflection, relaxation, for an unplanned life, singing, dancing, playing sports, for love and just as 'being', just doing nothing. Sharon helped me to get to that place. "

- Anonymous | Internal Medicine

"Sharon is a professional who is able to bring complex issues and situations back to the essence of authentic behaviour. She goes back to basics. There's your strength. She is able to pass through the lens of your own beliefs, your power to ( re)discover. That helped me to strengthen my binding ability as a leader. Sharon has been an important mentor in this process for me. I wish everyone such an inspirational gift. "

- Antoine Driessen | CEO Rabobank Rijk van Nijmegen

"Sharon Burgler brings colour into your life! This amazing woman draws on her Aruban descent and inspiration. From Aruba's purity she turns you to self-reflection and self expression, see and feel and discover what inner strength you possess. With new insights Sharon invites you to achieve further development, making "the world is no longer what it was!"

- Martien G. Stevens | President and Commissioner

"Sharon has taught me to find a good balance between work, family and myself. Balance is always good, but the older you get the more important it is. Through my conversations with Sharon my effectiveness has increased in my work and the emotions in my life have found a place for the benefit of my family. By choosing good I've become stronger."

- Arthur Verdellen | Organizer, Chairman, mediator, Consultant and Project Manager

"Sharon is a warm, welcoming but also an energetic professional. With her individualized approach she makes you quickly separate from your current situation and discover your own essence = core values ​​and strength. Thus it allows you to make life choices which fundamentally contribute to greater happiness. One or more meetings with her are a valuable reminder and a starting point for new opportunities and a sunny perspective. For me, to meet with Sharon led to the choice of a new job and a better balance between my work and private life."

- R. v. B. | Working for medical aid organization