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Sharon's Approach

Sharon's Approach

Sharon adopts a personal, tailored and holistic approach to treating the causes and conditions of medical practitioner burnout in her Forsalidad Vitality and Resilience program.

She draws on a wide variety of disciplines; including family formation, didactics, neutralizing emotion, sociology, psychology, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), mindfulness, timeline therapy, leadership and strategy programmes, organizational management and cardiac coherence.

Sand, Sea and Sky

Sand, Sea and Sky

Taking a well earned break on the peaceful, tranquil and beautiful island of Aruba makes Forsalidad a one of a kind accelerated and revitalizing experience.

Extended long hours in the unnatural environments of hospitals and medical practices combined with the high stress of treating the ill leaves doctors very depleted physically and emotionally.

Replenish your vitamin D stores and regain energy in Aruba's abundant sunshine, float away the body aches in its crystal clear cleansing waters, take calm and reflective constitutional walks across the stunning landscape and eat fresh and delicious Caribbean cuisine. Aruba will soon put back what your hectic life has taken away.

As a fully qualified and experienced pilot, your host Sharon Burgler also uses the calm blue skies over Aruba to stimulate the senses and helps you to reconnect with nature's beauty and explore and discover new perspectives.

Sharon's Books

Sharon's Books

Sharon Burgler has published several book on self development

Head, heart and coconuts 

In this book Sharon uses the metaphor of the layers and remarkable qualities of the coconut as they compare  to the layers and unique qualities within every individual. The book is a tool for finding your inner essential value, embracing and honing your skills and increasing the impact of your life.

Of Power to Strength 

Of Power To Strength is a surprisingly accessible and inspiring book about leadership. Sharon draws on the Manitu philosophy to help you come into your own power, to identify the path of least resistance and onto the path of unprecedented opportunities.    

Sharon is currently working on a book for medical specialists exploring the origins of, and giving practical advice for, the prevention of mental and physical burnout caused by increased work stress and emotional load.

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