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Burnout and its effect on your life force as a doctor

Every person has a unique life force, the richness and diversity of our experiences and trials in life are the key to understanding and appreciating our essential nature and wellbeing.

There is possibly no greater career field than that of Medicine for exposure to how adversity, misfortune, stress and illness negatively impact on a person's life. We see it daily in the myriad of mental, emotional and physical ailments that beset our patients and their loved ones.

By being a frontline carer in the dynamic, challenging, stressful and accountable role of healer you not only get the blessings of richness and reward of life experience few outside your field can ever know, you also daily bear witness to great suffering and bear a far heavier burden in your noble duty of care of others.

Youth, energy, exuberance, inquisitiveness and idealism is the sustaining fuels of the young doctor, however these personal driving resources deplete over time as a result of  relentless exposure to the highs, lows and realities of the human condition.

Once exhausted, many medical practitioners continue serving the needs of their patients and teams with little more than routine, knowledge, commitment and responsibility as fuel. This is an inferior fuel for the drive and can lead to a breakdown, all too commonly known as Burnout.

So how do you regain your energy, enthusiasm, focus and sense of wonder when you feel like you have seen it all, you are feeling bone tired, jaded and cynical. Your successes feel routine and your failures feel personal. You've seen far too much suffering and injustice that you've become cynical in the system; and been blamed by others, and even yourself, for not being able to perform miracles?

The answer lies in reconnecting with your own life force, to find the strength to return to action.

You MUST take a well needed break, return to nature, away from everything and anything related to your work life. You need to take the time to look back on the path you've travelled and plot a roadmap for the journey ahead. Then you need to do a full service and detail on yourself, body, mind and spirit, as you only have this one human vehicle for life. Finally you need to refill the tank with quality super fuel that will get you to your ultimate destination of a life well lived and enjoyed.

Forsalidad Aruba offers the ultimate Medical Practitioner Pit Stop to get you back on the road and enjoying the rest of your journey.

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